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E-Fly Deluxe 43V Front Engine Ladies with 7 internal gears, foot brake and hydraulic Magura brakes

The E-Fly Deluxe Ladies Electric Bike is for you who want a quality electric bike with a front motor, internal gear, hydraulic Magura brakes on the front and rear wheels and a foot brake on the rear wheel. The Deluxe model also has a sprung crown tube and seatpost, which makes it more comfortable to cycle on gravel paths and the like. Front engine with 45nm you get around easily. A perfect bike for you who want to move forward quickly, safely and comfortably.

Deluxe has a nice and simple frame design

E-Fly Deluxe has a nice and simple design in high quality. An electric bike with a quality front motor from Bafang, which is the world’s largest manufacturer of electric bike motors. The E-fly Deluxe center has 7 internal gears from Shimano, as well as a stylish display with many useful functions, such as time measurement of the last trip, speed, remaining distance on the battery, as well as a clock, etc.

E-fly Deluxe 43V Front is available in several colours, see them  here

The bike is equipped with an insurance-approved lock

Trelock, which is considered to be one of the best bike locks in the world. If you want more security, it’s always good to have an extra chain lock, so you can safely lock the bike to a lamp post or the bike rack – see selection  here

E-fly Deluxe 43V is equipped with different batteries with a top speed of 25 km/h which ensures that you can get far

E-fly Deluxe is equipped with a battery with energy for up to 120 kilometers of driving, of course depending on how much you step on the pedals yourself. If you are going for longer cycling trips, this is a good bike to choose.
How to best treat your battery, you can read more about  here

Luggage carrier is equipped with a smart AVS system which is a click system

Where you can very easily take an Atran velo  bicycle basket  or  side bags  and click into the luggage rack. There are also the smart pet basket baskets, so you can take your dog or cat on a trip, see the selection  here
You can also watch a video here how easy and fast it is  click here

The lights are fixed and can be easily switched on from the handlebars with a simple click.
The lights are powered directly from the battery, so you never run out of power when you have to leave in the dark mornings or evenings.

E-fly is Danish design and quality with a large selection of electric bicycles, read more  here

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All bikes are delivered 100% assembled and tested, as it is important for us to deliver a 100% ready and functional bike to you – see more  here

You can find the user manual  here


Batteri størrelse

43V 10,4 Ah, 450 Wh, 43V 17,5 Ah, 750 Wh


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Integreret for- og baglygte med strøm direkte fra batteri


Standard monteret med bagagebære, forberedt til AVS system dirkete montering af kurv eller tasker unden beslag


Bafang 250W 43v super silent frontmotor


Op til 120km Rækkevide under optimale forhold


Justerbar for optimal siddestilling kan opnåes


DPC10 med 5 hjælpetrin
Display info 1: Servicetjek indikator
Display info 2: Hastighed/gennemsnitsfart/maks. fart
Display info 3: Batterikapacitet/Triptæller/Total distance/Aktuelt watt-forbrug
Display Lys: Tænd og sluk lys
Display Walk Asssist: Ja

Håndtag Matriale



Aluminium – 28" ( 700c )

Stel Matriale

Alu med 20 års garanti


Affjederet kronrør for optimal komfort


Velo Comfort


Affjedring i sadelpind for god komfort


Chaoyang med punkteringsbeskyttelse og refleksstribe

Gear type

7 indvendig Shimano gear


Hydraulisk bremser fra Magura samt fodbremse